Defibrillators and radioactive bugs

After the contrived neatness of Surrey’s countryside, I’m enjoying the slightly unkempt feel in this part of Gloucestershire. Outside the tidy chocolate-box villages, things are allowed to crumble and be overgrown. Much as I love straight lines and order, the hippy inside (some would say outside, looking at my hair), likes the natural chaos.

Saw an interesting telephone box. Oooh, do tell more I hear you say. Well it was interesting because it wasn’t a telephone box any more. It had become a sort of community book swapping library! That was the slightly interesting bit. The really interesting bit was, as well as shelves of books, there was a defibrillator! I thought to self, is this village full of crumblies on their death bed? Would I want the award winning village cake-baker sticking one of those on my chest and more importantly, why is it at the bottom of the hill?

Out the back of Hans one evening, I noticed a bright glow in a couple of spots on the ground. I thought some idiot had dropped their still lit cigarette butts. Many evil thoughts and curses too disgusting and probably painful to mention here went through my mind about the person who had done this. As I went to stamp out the offending butts, I noticed that these cigarette butts were green! What the? Unless we are on a disused nuclear waste dump, this glow was emitted from the back end of a bug. Perhaps the bugs are infected by radiation? As I didn’t have a geiger counter on me I decided just to take a photo. The light was intense and steady (unlike the flash of a firefly). I can only presume these were man bugs saying, “hey ladies, how do you like my glowing abdomen?” “Oi, don’t go away, my leisure-battery is fully charged!”


Check me out – the first to comment on this blog! Loving the library/A & E phone box. Good to see they are being put it to good use. Do we assume that just any random person can rock up and use the defibrillator? Possibly a bit lethal in the wrong hands! Continue to have a fab time. Speak soon. Cathy & Co.

I love the phone box. It should appeal to David- a kind of book tardis of sorts. The defibrillator might be to shock the old people back to life after reading the flyleaves of some of the books.

English Dad says the lit up bug is a female glow-worm which is wingless and has to sit waiting for males which fly around looking for the glow. Found in a few parts of southern England, especially on chalk downs, and he has seen them only twice before in his long life. So there you are, you’re lucky already!

Whew, that’s a nice pick-up, Chris. That’s the sort of thing I see in New Scientist – people sending photos of mystery objects and others promptly identifying/explaining. I’m looking forward to future discussions between us all. I love the defriblaphone.

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