Hans goes to Herefordshire

As the van has already been to Hampshire & Hertfordshire, it seemed only right that we brought it to Herefordshire while we were in this part of the country.

We are on a campsite a couple of miles north of Hereford. I think it is fair to say that it isn’t the sort of campsite we want to spend too much of our time on – rather more packed in, all hard-standing and surrounded by old people in caravans who are hard of hearing. Fortunately, they all feel the cold too, so the dulcet tones of Coronation Street quietened down pretty quickly once they closed their windows. Who would have thought – we are about 20 years younger than the average age on this site and we were the quiet ones.

The main draw for this site was cheap price, hook-up & wireless included (so Skype from the comfort of our own living room), plus a washing machine and close to Hereford. Unfortunately, someone else beat me to the washing machine yesterday evening and, by the time we got back from our walk after dinner, that same someone else had broken it by forcing the door open before it unlocked. Looks like tomorrow will be the first outing for our very own washing machine – a plastic tub filled with dirty clothes, water & laundry liquid sitting in the bottom of the shower as we drive. Our theory is that the sloshing around will mimic (in a very small way) the agitation of a normal washing machine. We’ll have to see how well it works – at least if it doesn’t, we are likely to be less crowded on the next campsite!

Thanks to all of you who have read so far and left comments or sent emails. Yes, we are incognito – the web is a very public place and we thought we would try and maintain some privacy. However, that seems to have been blown in the comments! Somebody else mentioned to us yesterday that we had seen glow-worms – thought of as quite rare, but apparently 2011 is a good year for them. An ‘enthusiast’ is running a Glow-worm Survey so we dutifully filled in the details of our siting.

I love my new camera (thanks Mum & Dad!) and am snapping away like a crazy person. It has settings for different types of ‘scene’ which I presume means it sorts out all the complicated bits like exposure and F stops (whatever they are) for you – certainly seemed to work when I used the Dusk/Dawn setting to take the photo above. And I’ll leave you with a happy dog while I go and make breakfast – D is out of his shower and I have failed in my Anne duties again. I can see this happening quite a bit. And don’t worry before anyone complains about me doing all the wifey things – he has plenty of Julian duties to attend to. No comments about Dick duties please.


Dad says what’s wrong with old people who are hard of hearing? At least you’ll never catch us on a cheap caravan site. No comment on your last comment!

We once made a laundry stop at a crowded camp ground in Alice Springs (a remote place with a dry river bed that sometimes has water but each year has a regatta regardless). In the laundry we met a very well-presented lady of a certain age from Canberra who was on her first ever camping trip. She had the wide-eyed demeanor of a rabbit in the spotlight and was ironing napkins and handkerchiefs. I strained a stomach muscle trying to keep a straight face.
Great sky photo – proof that hurricanes hardly happen.

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