Here comes the sun

We had mixed weather in Hay – rain every night and most mornings, but each day brightened up by the afternoon. Wet mornings were spent have lazy breakfasts or sitting in the Globe, making the most of their wifi and video paintings. Afternoons were spent wandering around Hay, dreaming of having a trailer I could convert to a library. Anyone who likes books should come here. You might not want to leave again.

Our drive from Hay to the Gower, through the Brecon Beacons, was stunning. Hitting the traffic around Swansea for the annual air show was a little less exciting, but it is the first traffic we’ve seen!

The sun came out as we left Hay and the weather has been glorious ever since – whoo hoo!!



I read something about the Brecon Beacons recently. What was it now; Normans or something? I’ll have to go and ask the Google. Nice looking breakfast/morning tea. But where are the Anzac biscuits and lamingtons?

YUM your breakfast looks amazing! On the topic of books – if you get time from your busy work schedule, try The Lock Artist by Steve Hamilton

Sorry – got busted reading this at work and didn’t have time to add any love! xoxoxoxoxox (and david, kisses always go first!)

Hello – if I knew the Welsh I would have tried that, but I don’t. But at least it has got two ‘l’s in it! Hyllllo?
Being a parental non-blogger I don’t know all the rules, so writing this out of chronological sequence might be a bit of a ‘no no’. It might never get read because all the readers are starting from July 16th or thereabouts.
Never mind. All I wanted to say was that I did appreciate the lead picture on this day’s blog.

Brecon Beacons? Isn’t that where some crack troops in training had issues with werewolves? See the classic ‘Dog Soldiers’ and enjoy lines like: “I hope I give you the shits!” (from soldier about to be consumed by werewolf).

P.S. I am most pleased with my first ever comment on a blog!

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