Go the Gower

OK, so I’m not sure I do want to live in Hay now. I think I would rather live right here at Rhossili Bay on the Gower Peninsula. I could always visit Hay at the weekend.

Yesterday, we walked from our campsite on the outskirts of Llangennith, to Rhossili across Rhossili Down. The photo above was taken from just above the campsite – our field is just to the right of the white farmhouse in the foreground. The white smudge to the right is Hans. Getting to Rhossili took us about two and a half hours – partly because we took the ‘high path’ along the top of the downs so it was a bit hilly, but mostly because we kept stopping to gape in awe at the views.

The Hill End campsite/refugee camp - full of big groups of surfers

Looking south to Rhossili. To the left you can see Wales’s answer to Machu Pichu. On closer inspection, it turned out to be the remains of a WWII radar station which is not quite as exciting. Building materials were taken to the site by the farmer who owns our campsite - he was the only one in the area with a tractor at the time!

We spoke to this guy when we got to his landing zone at Rhossili - he commented on how long it took us to walk when we could have been flying

This is our future house - the Old Rectory at Rhossili. The fact that it is owned by the National Trust is a small hurdle.

After milkshakes at Rhossili, we walked back along the beach. Uller had a sea bath after walking through the Bog of Eternal Stench on Rhossili Down.

Dinner with a view at the surf/refugee camp



Can we come too?

Apologies …..thankyou Sarah, I am really enjoying this ,don’t need to buy the paper now for the ‘travel ‘ section.lvmxlz

Love the coastline! Anyone doing dolphin research there? Wait, what is the temperature in winter?

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