Chertsey – it’s handy!

It rained in Chertsey – boy, did it rain! Most of Saturday was a washout, but we did get to go for a short walk along the Thames past the lock, late in the afternoon, trying to keep one step ahead of the rain clouds all the time.

The rain was the heaviest we’ve experienced in the van and we were very pleased not to be in a tent. Or, more importantly, trying to pack or set up a tent during the day. There were a lot of bedraggled people around. We tried not to feel smug as we sat in the van watching The World’s Fastest Indian (great film). Our first camping trip in recent years ended with us abandoning the half erected tent in a lake (well, a large puddle) and running for cover in the local pub. We took it in turns to go into the loos and try and dry our clothes out under the hand-dryer. I was soaked to the skin – every single piece of clothing I was wearing was dripping. Fortunately, the pub also did B&B so Uller spent the night in the car and we dried out with a good meal, a pint and a comfy bed. I’ve got slightly off track, but basically, I sympathise with campers who are caught out by the weather!

We had an insect on the window of the van which shed it’s outer shell/skin/whatever it is called – there is bound to be someone out there who knows the technical term for it. It left a beautiful ghost of its former self. Anyone got any idea what the insect is?

Sunday was a dull sort of day – shopping, trip to Pets at Home to get supplies for Uller and the mother of all road diversions – the road around Bracknell was closed so we were diverted via Camberley, Sandhurst, Manchester, Glasgow and goodness knows where else. To top it all off, the exhaust started making a loud, rattling fart sort of noise – Kwik-Fit were no help whatsoever, so we kept going and resolved to get it fixed on Monday.

Found a small field campsite a few miles from Bletchley for our visit to Bletchley Park. We’ve just realised that we didn’t take a photo of it, but that might be a nice change for you all – another photo of the van in a field can’t be that exciting.


Chertsey – it has a very nice bridge built in 1785 and is handy for the M3, M25 and Heathrow….



Very nice bridge.
The bug could have been a cicada if you were at a campground in Oz. Being as how you are not, I’m guessing some kind of damsel fly. Interesting nerdy fact is that damsel flies lay eggs on water surfaces which they find by detecting the polarisation of light as it bounces off the water. Unfortunately tarmac polarises light in a similar way and lots of eggs nowadays are laid on roads, rendering some of the damsel flies endangered. Thank you New Scientist. Now back to the blog – which, by the way, I like a lot.

The insect is an aquatic fly of some sort – not a mayfly, obviously, as that does what it says on the tin! The former self is the larval skin – it has spent two or three years as a nymph on the river bed. Normally it would crawl up the vegetation on the river bank to shed its skin as the adult emerges so I don’t know what attracted it to Hans. In the photo the wings have not yet developed fully. If you watched it a while longer you would have seen them grow as the fly pumps blood through the veins which you can see in the wings of all aquatic flies. And butterflies, incidentally. When you see a fish ‘rise’, usually a trout, it’s to take a fly which is laying eggs on the surface, for them to sink and hatch into nymphs. Very interesting info on that, Steve – I hope this isn’t going to become too competitive. By the way, thank you everyone, for not rubbishing my spelling of ‘satellite’.

I love that bridge,you must have skyped us the rain,the East coast has been lashed by wind ,rain& churning seas. Anyone for photos….?
Iwas going to say exoskeleton but that is for crabs, lobster etc.Thankyou all for info. Ilove blogging now that I’ve realizedI I won’t find it in my e.mail inbox. [slow learner –?? ]
No need to comment, thankyoulvmx

Have just been catching up again, not very good at keeping up yet. The World’s Fastest Indian is a great film, would like to watch it again when it comes round. I think the bug was a Mayfly as they don’t always do what it says on the tin! See

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