This green & pleasant land

What a spectacularly beautiful country we live in. Not that I didn’t already think that, but this trip has reminded me just how lovely it is. Of course, to be green and pleasant, you do need a bit of rain, but never mind, just think of the views!

Well, the clutch survived its ordeal on Wednesday, so we were able to drive to Kendal on Friday to meet my sister & brother-in-law who had just spent a few kid-free days in Windermere (the kids were on holiday with Granny and Grandad). It was great to catch up with them as we didn’t think we would see them again until October. After lunch, we spent a couple of hours wandering around Kendal, while C&A spent a couple of hours sitting in traffic on the M6.

We love this site so much that we decided to stay on – 5 days rather than the planned 2. Yesterday was hot and sunny, today was cooler and no sign of the sun, but we’ve had great walks on both days, just around the valley that our campsite is in. Although we are in the Lake District (just outside Bowland Bridge for those who want to look at a map), we didn’t want to drive to the usual places – the Lakes in school holidays is not my idea of fun. We had a quiet valley all to ourselves (well, almost) so made the most of it.

That's us - little white blob on the left. Not a bad spot really.

This was a trendy pub with a carpark full of BMWs and Audis. We went to the less trendy pub and had an outstanding meal.

A hot-air balloon landed in our campsite - D helped to land the thing safely and I took a photo. We both got champagne.

We joked about not leaving this site at all. Ever. Then St Martin in the Field told us about last winter when the temperature dropped to -20C and their water supply froze. So we decided to leave tomorrow.


Speaking of trendy, when you are more a part of a culture, you are less likely to notice a change and therefore be more accepting of the new thing even if you don’t like it. Having the radio as our main contact with the outside world and not having visual contact in the form of telly or newspapers and magazines means you are unprepared for the next new thing. When the weekend came, so did the convertibles. Tractors, short wheel base Land Rovers, vans and manly-men retreat into your farms. Make way for the convertible (any brand will do), the over made-up girl who can be seen reapplying said makeup whilst hair blows in face and the “metrosexual” man wearing white-framed sun glasses. Yes, white frames! I know they probably cost £300, but to my unrefined (in the fashion world) eye, these oh-so-now must have accessories look like something you pick up at a motorway service centre for a fiver. I have to say, I was in shock. White-frame sun glasses on a man?! Well I am out of touch. I could understand this fashion on a gay man. I’d say, you look cool and you make me look like a Neanderthal. If you are heterosexual and wearing expensive white-framed sunglasses, stop it, you look silly. Oh, what do I know, I hear you say. Well you just look at the photos of yourself standing next to your cool convertible in five years time. I can guess which piece of industrial design will still look cool.



I/m looking for some trendy sunglasses for D
love the GREEN fields & drystone walls—-great composition .

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