Northumberland birds – phwor!

Those who know me will know I despise wildlife photography. Not that I don’t like animals, quite the opposite. It’s just that the bloody things keep moving. Domesticated animals are fine, because you can say “sit”. I have an uncanny knack of being able to clear an area of about a 50km circle radiating from me and my camera, of any interesting animals as soon as I reach for the camera. I don’t even have to hold the camera to my face! I can be mid lens-change and suddenly the perfect composition has become an animal-less scene with tumble weed blowing before me.

I’m far more at home with things that move in geological time or are man-made with a few angles and straight lines.

On the beach just down from Alnmouth, there were more sea birds than I had ever noticed in one area. Surely I could capture at least a couple in flight. There seemed to be a bit of a feeding frenzy going on so I left ‘Er Outdoors with her Kindle and trotted off with my trusty bird-scaring hound and probably pointless camera.

Well, I think they were so distracted, I actually managed to capture some decent shots! Of course I’m not used to just looking at a bird in a photo, so I had to do some cropping to pretend the shots were on a brochure or an album cover.

No idea if the birds were rare and exciting or just run-of-mill, but it was a buzz to be amongst all the activity. Perhaps Twitcher-King Nick can enlighten us…



I am still very impressed with your writing & photos—espexially the Terns etc, I want to send pics, in this comment section.Am nearly asleep .Thanks for myblog fix.Hope you are staying in the countrysideafter the TV news i saw this evening.

Hello everyone, that’s a beautiful little boat which I think is called a cobble; Staithes, amongst others, is famous for them. We have a photo by Frank M Sutcliffe showing the fleet drawn up on the sand at Staithes beside the Cod and Lobster. They didn’t have engine and prop in those days! It appears there is one at sea in one of your seagull photos. Will the next blog have photos of client meetings and curry houses? Sorry to hear about the anarchy; it’s very upsetting and confusing to think how such a thing could happen.

I’ve finally caught up with you! Impressive shots of terns and, especially of the Arctic skua mugging what is probably a young Sandwich tern – of its sandwiches? Skuas are famously piratical and at this time of year make a point of hanging around colonies of terns. A bit like hoodies in high streets except they have a good deal more style and don’t nick trainers and flatscreen tellies – this analogy is going nowhere.

More birdie pix soon please!

These birds seem magnetised to your camera.
Perhaps you were using some kind of bait to attract them…… and then I notice your feet in shot in alnwick.

So know we know your secret.

Dont go near any polar bears!

Its not that i want to be anamymous, its that I dont know how ta add my name!


one good tern etc, who knows what will tern up next
is it illegal to take terns?

I hope you left no tern unstoned.!
got some good Pied & sooty oystercatchers today…..[photos]Am waiting
for an expert to tell me what the bird banding means.

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