What the….?

Please note the date – it’s August. The photo above was taken a couple of days ago, but things have only improved slightly since waking up to 12C.

Hello?? Can anyone hear me?? IT’S AUGUST – SORT THE WEATHER OUT!

That’s better. A combination of work and continuing crappy weather has meant a couple of stay at home days on a lovely site in the Shropshire Hills. We have magnificent views until the cloud comes over – assuming that the sun comes out at some point over the next couple of days, we will give you some pretty pictures to look at. In the meantime, this is what happened just as we were going to go for a walk at lunchtime today;

Puppy is joining D in his little sulk.



You could be living on NSW South Coast. We also have occasionally had 12C in recent days. Rain has been incessant, although our weather vane says things will improve soon. I don’t feel like doing anything when the weather is miserable so yesterday, instead of housework (as normally scheduled for the weekend) I read. John Le Carre if you were wondering. I am on a mission to acquire each of his books and read them again. The local 2nd hand book shop lets me have three for $10. They still have to find me another eight. Shropshire looks nice on the google – hope you get to see it soon.

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