Shropshire wrap up

We’re getting a bit slack with this blogging lark, aren’t we? So, a quick wrap up of the last week.

The sun wore itself out with its brief appearance, so we haven’t seen much of it recently. Add a chilly wind and regular showers to the equation and we have found ourselves indoors much of the time. D has had plenty of work to keep him occupied and I bashed my knee at the end of last week which has meant a break from walking too far as it feels quite wonky. As anyone who knows me knows, as long as I have a book, I’m happy!

On Saturday, we did venture out to nearby Ludlow. Its attraction for us was 500 listed buildings, of all ages, and it didn’t disappoint.

On our way, we drove through a beautiful valley and commented on the glorious colours of the trees. Oh, hang on. Those are autumn colours and it is still August. Bugger.

We had a great vegetarian lunch at a cafe in Ludlow. Why vegetarian you ask (well, you might ask if you were interested – skip this bit if you aren’t). We’ve taken the plunge and decide to become fully veggie. Our campsite is on a rare-breeds pig farm – very small scale with free-range, happy pigs snuffling around in a wood. There is a separate, fenced off area at the end of the site which houses Victoria and her 5 week old piglets. You couldn’t get more ethically produced meat than this, so we bought some of their bacon, and lovely bacon it was too. However, while we were eating it, we decided that it just wasn’t necessary. I think our reasons (or mine at least) are best summed up by something I read a couple of days ago – ‘Do you think you can eat well without meat. Yes. Do you think you can have a healthy diet without meat. Yes. Then you are just killing animals because you like the taste.’ And that seems unnecessary to me.

Of course, it isn’t as simple as just not eating meat any more. You have to replace the nutrients you would normally get from meat with something else, so I’ve been doing my research. Naturally, this means that I will have to stock up on a whole range of new cookbooks, which will obviously be a chore for me, but I’m prepared to take one for the team. We are not doing this for health reasons – it’s just as easy to eat junk vegetarian food! – but we might end up healthier. For instance, we’ve started adding linseeds to our breakfast to replace omega 3 & 6 that we would normally get from oily fish. Given that I hardly ever ate oily fish, I’m already doing better than I was.

And who knew that things like cheese, chocolate, crisps, wine and beer aren’t always vegetarian? There are all kinds of things to avoid if you are being properly veggie and avoiding ‘the by-products of slaughter’, which is a lovely phrase. Leather is one of them, which means the gorgeous olive green ankle boots I saw yesterday are out!

My dodgy knee has meant that D has been doing a bit more exploring on his own, including visiting the local lead mine ruins in Tankerville.

We had a lovely, mostly flat, walk a couple of evenings ago. The animals around here obviously don’t see too many people as we were the star attraction – sheep, cows and horses came trotting up to fences to watch us walk by. I don’t really know much about horses, but I hadn’t realised how much they fart – we’ve met a couple in Shropshire & the Lake District who have had a good old trumpet while we’ve been talking to them.

Two little ears

We liked Stiperstones so much, we stayed for 12 days, but it was time to move on – yesterday we upped sticks and headed to Dolgellau in Wales. More on that in the next post.


P.S. D wanted me to include his photo of one of his favourite cars and one of his most hated – I’ll leave you to guess which is which.


Wonderful scenery again. One point about the weather – don’t forget that the whole year shifted forward, i.e. we had wonderful summery weather in April and May, and we are now officially in autumn (according to the Met Office – Dad disagrees). We have a lovely day down here at present, and tomorrow is forecast to be equally good. Hope it’s the same in Wales, although we remember from previous holidays that it can be very wet!

I think they qualify as ‘two big ears’? And since when ‘I thought I saw two little ears!?’ also include a dirty great forehead!? HMM!?

Oooo. Does that mean I can have all your meaty cookery books!!

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