That sinking feeling

Mum & Dad recommended the A458 heading west from Welshpool as a particularly picturesque route and they were right. It was also quite steep in parts, with a long 20% (1:5 in old money) climb – fortunately there was no-one behind us at that point, otherwise they might have wanted to pull over and have a cup of tea while we crawled up the hill. At least we get plenty of time to enjoy the views!

We are on another fantastic site, with two little drawbacks. It is not very level and is very boggy! We thought we had found a relatively level spot when we first arrived, but by the evening had sunk to an uncomfortable angle. So, at 10pm, we were out with torches, trying to find somewhere better. We slid around for a while, cracked our levelling blocks, churned up the grass a bit and then gave up. You can see the results of our late night excursion in the photo below. By the morning, we were on a ridiculous angle – I’m not sure whether the photo does it justice, but it was clear that we couldn’t stay like that!

Fortunately, the people who were on the best level spot in the whole site were leaving so we nabbed it. We might still need to reposition a bit, but at least we’re not going to roll out of bed in the middle of the night!

The family who own this site have recently moved here after 18 months in New Zealand. They certainly seem to be living the dream – gorgeous farm on the edge of Snowdonia National Park with the required chickens, sheep etc. Not a bad place to raise their four children! It is perfect for a campsite too – feels like you are in the middle of the countryside but are only a short walk from the town of Dolgellau. Well, a short walk there – downhill all the way, through their fields and wood. A much longer walk back up the hill! Fortunately my knee is feeling much better!

Uller has also made a new friend – a 20 week old puppy called Smudge. She is very sociable and quite chilled for a Jack Russell puppy, but apparently makes a habit of visiting people in their caravans, which the site owners are trying to discourage. We probably didn’t help by allowing her to hang around with us for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon!

Off to the town soon with a huge load of laundry and to check out the local cafes while our washing is doing!



Dad commented that people here want to go to New Zealand to “live the dream”. The grass is always greener ….

A tame Jack Russell?! Impossible! Loving the layout and photographs in the blog, not much of an email type so it’s a great way to check up on your travels when I’m not ‘studying’ 🙂

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