The bog of eternal squelch

We made it. It took 3 hours, a lot of digging, two sets of grip mats and a lot of flattened cardboard boxes, but we got out. It is obviously part of my duties to worry about things like this, but there was a point that even D looked worried – I think it was about the time the engine started overheating, the radiator was dripping steaming water and the tyres were smoking.

We (the royal we of course) had to dig our way to the track that you can see in the top right. Another couple turned up on the site in a motorhome when we were part way through and promptly left again, which wasn’t entirely surprising.

We moved a few miles up the road to the seaside town of Barmouth. We parked in the carpark, relishing the feeling of being on tarmac, while trying to connect to internet and eating toasted sandwiches and hot chips. It was another crappy wet day and, like most out-of-season seaside towns, Barmouth was looking a bit grim. We are going back today though to have another look just in case it has improved overnight. We are on a site with sea views, although it is difficult at the moment to see where the grey sky ends and the grey sea starts!

The good news is that it isn’t raining, right at this particular moment!


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