Just checking in

Just a very brief update to let you know we are still here! We had a very busy time at the European Landyachting Championships and have been spending a few days recovering. D has been catching up on work which means a) he has first dibs on the laptop so I can’t do a blog and b) he is too tired to do one once he has finished work.

All should return to normal in the next couple of days when he will be back to tell you all about his exploits at the Euros!


P.S. Wouldn’t want to be the guy with the flag in front of that lot! Photo courtesy of Walter Carels, who took fantastic shots of the event. More to come soon.


Welcome back. We missed the blogs. We’ve checked out all of Walter Carels’ photos of the Hoylake event; they are lots of fun although he includes too many pics of cars. I was excited about D’s dramatic high-speed turn until I saw the next 2 pics. Ah well, at least you didn’t nearly break your back like that other bloke. By the way, when at Joddrel Bank, did you read anything about the Square Kilometer Array? I hope they build it in Australia (which is on the short list). Here is a factoid from their website- “The SKA will generate enough raw data to fill 15 million 64GB iPods every day!” It sounds like there could be some work for future astrophysics PhD nerds. I wonder why they don’t just use a big computer instead of all those iPods?

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