1000 visits!

Whoo hoo! We’ve had 1000 visits to our blog! While I suspect that 980 have been from parents checking for updates, it’s nice to know that other people are visiting too.

However, we’ve realised that this is all one-way communication. You know what we are up to, but we are not hearing from you – there are only a couple of people who leave comments and not many people email us anymore. Boo hoo. We’re just not feeling the love at the moment!

So, please, if you read this, leave a comment with a quick hello. Or better still, email us and let us know what you are up to. If you can’t remember the email address, there is a button on the Welcome page.

Look forward to hearing from you!



Congrats on your Millennium. Sorry you are not feeling the lerv. If your big little Aussie brother would send me some photos from my recent trip to Broome I could make a Picasa album for you to look at. He is very busy however. Maybe he will read this and take pity on us all? I tried to attach an image here, just to prove it’s us, but images apparently aren’t allowed. So this could be anyone typing at you, really. If you are worried, D could ask a question that only Aussie Dad would be able to answer. eg What did D say to Dad the day he rang to explain that, luckily, the house had not burned down?

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