We survived!

We have survived our first 0C night! OK, so the photo is a bit of an exaggeration and taken from stock photography, but it did get very cold and our weather station shows a new minimum of 0C.

We had no idea, because our super-duvet, possibly now my new favourite possession, kept us snug and toasty. The first we knew was when D woke up at 7am and discovered it was 8C inside the van. Yikes. Fortunately we have a heater at the front of the van, the controls for which can be reached from the bed. Unfortunately, there are two controls – one which turns the heat on and one which turns on the fan to blow the air around. An hour later, D realised that he had turned the fan on rather than the heater and it was now 7C in the van. Never mind – an excuse for a lie in while we wait for the heater to do its job.

I was right when I said I didn’t think we would stay in Lincolnshire much longer. We left on Tuesday morning for a quick dash to Leeds to check out a motorhome that Aussie Dad was thinking of buying. Unfortunately the motorhome turned out to be a bit of a dud and not quite as described. We spent the night in a little campsite behind a pub at Kirkheaton. We were on the top of a hill and had a great view of the sprawl of Huddersfield. The lights at night were spectacular. It was chilly and wet oop north – that cold that really gets into your bones. Brr.

We had seen some nicer parts of Lincolnshire on our way out to Leeds, so decided to give it a second chance, particularly as it is a good stopping-off place on our way back down to East Anglia. We found a campsite in the grounds of a golfing hotel which had wifi for the work that D has on at the moment, so it all sounded perfect.

But again, we have been slightly disappointed. We have tried three times to walk on public footpaths from our campsite and each time the footpath signs have disappeared – presumably removed by farmers who don’t want people walking across their fields, regardless of the fact that they have a right too. In other parts of the country, we have been able to head off for a walk and follow the signs or a clear track the whole way – no chance of that here. And, although we’ve met some nice people in Lincolnshire, the county as a whole doesn’t feel very friendly. We’ve been to some fantastic places so far on our trip but Lincolnshire just doesn’t do it for us.

Off to explore some of the coast around the Wash today – despite the cold, the day is bright and sunny and is perfect for a walk. If we can find a footpath of course.



I’d like to meet you where it is wamer!! you might have tobook me a country cottage and a bicycle.

Hello everyone, especially the intrepid travellers. D, that is a wonderful photograph of a frosty English tree that, no doubt, many could identify a little more accurately than that. Could you please send me a copy in reasonable definition? Our wall is crying out for a print of it. The golfing hotel looks pretty but shame about the lack of paths. Then I read your next blog and I see that finding a path really didn’t make much difference after all. Nice and flat there eh? I suppose you could admire the engineering behind the drainage ditches or whatever they are. And at least you can always say you’ve been there. Are you keeping track of your travels? It’s amazing how quickly a map gets covered once you start drawing a red line over the roads you have travelled. (This application keeps telling me I don’t know how to spell “travelled”). And, speaking of the application, the reason I am commenting here on your following blog entry, is that the “add comment” option is not available on the following page. It will probably be there next time I look but that’s life for me in e-land. Now, people who are not into useless trivia; look away now. Vardo comes from Iranian “vurdon” meaning cart or some such. This is the kind of word (ie, borrowed from another language) that allows linguists to map the spread of Romany people from their origins in Northern India / Pakistan, Westwards. Hillariously, in early times (eg 17th Century) the Romany were known throughout Western Europe as “Egyptians”. It’s harder to trace their movements by their names because they apparently have a Romany name that is not recorded or divulged and a local name which they take from whatever is in use in their locality. The man with the museum might have an interesting heritage although it’s possible that his forebears just picked the name from storytelling about Bosworth Field. From what I read, the Henrys were keen to brag about it as the foundation of their dynasty. (Of course, we now know it was all down to Edmund Blackadder). Anyway, it’s time to go and settle down for some sport; the culmination of which will, and I am reasonably confident of this, see Australasia into the Rugby World Cup Final where they will humble Les Frogs (apologies to those of that persuasion). Ulysse, if you are looking, don’t bet le housekeeping on this one. Go you Aussies.

Bad luck, Steve. Go you All Blacks. Of course, they should have been playing Wales in the final and that would have been some match. (Apparently even the French Sunday press agreed that a red card was too much.) However if NZ were going to win it any year, it should be this one. By the way, our dictionary says that ‘traveled’ is the US spelling. Did your application say anything about ‘hilariously’?

Yes, yes Sue; it did but I ignored it because it had been wrong so many times before. There is probably a lesson to be learned there. I am suitably chasened and humilliated. On the subject of this application, does anyone else have trouble with the “image verification” thing? I usually have to do it at least twice. But then, it could be my eyesight; or the clockwork computer. No ice here today. It’s a brilliant sunny morning. Jan is preparing for her Summer hibernation; I am dusting off the kayak. And, finally, on the subject of borders (see blog front page) the longest border in Aus (WA/SA&NT) was put where it is so as not to offend Portugal which was entitled at the time to everything West of that line of longitude. (The rest of the world was open, in theory, to Spain but the English weren’t worried about offending them). Now I’m trying the verification thingy – second attempt…..

I can send you the pic if you like, but it’s not one of mine. Stock photography is trade-speak for, some other clever person did this.

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