A picture speaks a thousand words


Looks like another idyllic place. I’m always a bit surprised at how much open space there is in UK.

looks much bigger than my beach,glorious day here,lovely pics.

Glad to see you got out of Lincs and into Norfolk in time to hit Holkham and Wells on a fabulous weekend. We were just a little further east along the coast taking Pippi’s dad and stepmum for a day out – Cromer pier followed by ornithological pub lunch at Cley. If you’re still around, there’s lot more to do round there, besides – Blickling (National Trust), Blakeney Point (seal trips) and walks over the marshes (the Burnhams), to name but three.
Nice typography – Caslon Open?

This page is a perfect tribute to a wonderful place

Well spotted font guru, but it’s actually Holkham Free Style.

I’m going to stick my neck out here and venture into Font-Land; thin ice indeed for someone like me who, sadly, lacks the relevant gene. Anyway, my clockwork computer has not heard of the two fonts mentioned above so I was at a loss until I looked at a map and noticed where Holkham is. Ha Ha. I can now enjoy the arcane joke. Do you design folk also have a funny walk / handshake? OK gotta hit the road now. Back on Monday eve. (Was “Berllin sans FB” inspired by German disgust at early Holden design?) – (That’s an arcane Aussie reference)

The things is can you do a picture like this?

Yeah, well, Bazza, I reckon I could do a picture like that – if only I could get hold of one of those tiny blokes to run around and scratch it out with his tiny feet.

Bonne Voyage!! Bonne Chance!! Bon Weekend!! Bon Appetit!! That’s about exhausted my french for one evening. Hope this message will finally reach your blog – having a few issues even with our PC. Anyway, enjoy the last few days of blighty and hope the next few months live up to those you have had already. I’m sure you’ll have an amazing time. Look forward to catching up with it all on the blog. Handshakes, kisses and high-fives from all of us. Andy

Those of you with a sharp eye for detail will of course notice I should have typed Bon Voyage! Desole (PC can’t do accents).

I would very much like to own a beach house and that certainly does look like the perfect spot. Although I would like to paint stars on mine!

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