The best laid plans….

Slight hitch with our plans to head across the Channel today – apparently SeaFrance are in administration and all their ferries have been seized in Calais. Thought it looked a bit quiet when we went to check-in! There is a court ruling of some sort expected regarding SeaFrance tomorrow – the P&O guy was telling me that all the UK SeaFrance employees at Dover were expecting to be out of a job on Thursday. We might not get a refund for our tickets, but at least we won’t be out of a job. Well, I’m out of a job, but I’m quite happy!

P&O were happy to take us today…for £150. I don’t think so. We’ve booked with them for tomorrow for half that price and will just stay another night locally.

I know you are all waiting with baited breath to read about our continental adventures, but you’ll just have to wait a bit longer!

France is out there somewhere - although if the fog carries on like this, we might be going tomorrow either!



How would you know if you had arrived in France ? ..[ that fog]
i will be checking the road signs in your next photos!

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