Onwards & southwards

We’ve made slow but steady progress over the last couple of days – avoiding the toll motorways is certainly cheaper but you do get to take some fairly lengthy tours of the retail/industrial zones around large towns such as Tours & Poitiers!

We have been surprised by how many huge car showrooms there are – mainly Renault, Citroen and Peugeot of course. Their presence is particularly surprising given how few new cars we are seeing on the road! We saw a brand new Jaguar today but then noticed it had GB plates.

The weather is certainly improving – by day at least. When we woke up this morning, it was 0.3C, but by (late) lunchtime, we were sitting in a park, sun on our backs, in about 18C. Blue skies and not a cloud in sight – lovely. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come as we continue to head south and not an anomaly like last Sunday in Blighty!

We’ve also been making the most of being in the land of brilliant baguettes – if I had my way, we’d have baguette & jam for breakfast, baguette & brie for lunch and baguette &, um, wine I guess for dinner. It’s too small to see, but the bag D was carrying for our picnic in the photo above had a baguette sticking out of it – trés French.

The aires system continues to serve us well – we are on our fourth night in France and have spent €2 so far! Parking has been free and we’ve only had to pay to access the service point (the white bollard in the photo below, we are hiding behind the hedge directly behind it) for some electricity and water.

Wifi is proving harder to find than we anticipated, so blog posts might be a bit more like buses – nothing for a while and then several at once. We’ll continue to write them, but have no idea when we’ll get to post them!



Ahah, today the blog is letting me and the clockwork computer participate. Bonjour bloggeurs, ca-va? I love the concept of the Aires de camping or quellever they are called. Your blue-sky shots and bags of baguettes are making me jealous. I tried to read your most recent bloggage but it shouted at me in French about mobilemoi. Naturally, I have given in. Now I am going to do my homework to see if Baudin named Vivonne Bay on Kangaroo Island. (He probably did since he named Ravine des Casoars which is just a couple of Km West of Vivonne Bay). They weren’t Cassowaries though, they were a now_extinct pigmy Emu. Have a Rochefort for me!

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