A Hazy Shade of Winter

We have spent the last couple of days enjoying the hospitality at Libby & Alan’s rather lovely villa on the Dordogne. Libby & Alan are actually in Australia, but their friends Mike & Sandie were here to welcome us (and share a bottle of wine or two!) and we’ve taken full advantage of the huge shower room, washing machine & wifi – thank you! We’ve also visited Benoit & Sylvie at their shop in Pessac – we first met them when we stayed here 5 years ago and it’s good to see that their business is still going strong.

However, winter has finally hit and it is cold, with a maximum over the last couple of days of 8C. Too cold for us so, like migrating birds, we are heading south again – a dash to the border and across the north of Spain to hit Portugal in the next week or so. On the way, we must find LPG and an English/French adaptor so we can actually get the LPG into the van – without it, we have no cooking, heating or hot water so the need is great!



Too cold for the pool ??

So who needs food, warmth or a shower?

One question have you tried all the brands of hot chocolate for breakfats yet? For those of us back in Blighty we need to know which one you recommend this season.

Now you’re in such foreign parts, how about a map of your route? It could run alongside the blog with a little ‘Monopoly-style’ icon for Hans. In fact, you could make it interactive and we could all move Hans in the direction we think you ought to go. Come on, David, the perfect way to kill some time between those design jobs!

Hans looks little beside the rambling chateau. Hope the weather’s getting warmer for you by now. Last night we had a storm like I can’t remember experiencing before. Lightning was virtually continuous with piercing thunderclaps, not the rolling thunder we usually hear. 42mm fell and temp got down to 18C overnight. Today was OK; had a long body surfing session while pretending to do water safety for some local kids getting an intro to life saving.

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