The Portuguese like to tile the outsides of their buildings. It seems anything goes in terms of style – floral, traditional, geometric, embossed, Tetrus, 1950s/60s/70s – you name it.

We told ourselves that we wouldn’t do this to you, but we couldn’t resist, so present for your viewing delight…….

Some are beautiful, some are…let’s say striking, but all are amazing.



Well I for one am amazed. It’s probably quite clever, being low-maintenance. I wonder if there is a local manufacturing industry or do they get shipped home by expatriate plumbers mates?

At last iI am able to get into the comment section…….for Steve..curragh….[ [ithink]
Amazed at the tiles….hope the grout doesn’t need cleaning !!
How come ..the Dads spend their lives on google?….. or are you really smart ?Thanks for all the info .

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