Material of Value for Money

Well, Hans is fixed. We think. The garage had him all day on Monday, while we wandered around Aveiro in the drizzle, only to tell us when we went to pick him up that they hadn’t found the problem and needed him back on Tuesday. That was a bit disappointing – we felt we had pretty much done Aveiro and Uller’s hips are getting a bit old for two days in a row of trotting on pavements. Fortunately there was an ‘animal hotel’ next to the garage, so we booked her in for a rest on Tuesday and headed back into Aveiro again – at least without a dog in tow we would be able to visit the museums if it rained again.

We were wrong about having done Aveiro on Monday – we spent the whole of Tuesday exploring parts of the town we hadn’t seen yet and didn’t resort to a museum once – it helped that the sun was shining. The old fishing quarter is full of tiled houses (you may have noticed one or two photos in yesterday’s post) whilst across the canal, there is a great mix of modern and traditional architecture and large open plazas. The streets are cobbled, the palm trees are wrapped up for winter, the parks are beautiful and the modern statues have feet and faces. A fantastic place.

We got back to the garage to find Hans was well again – the receptionist didn’t have much English but she did dash around the workshop to find examples of the parts listed on the invoice. Just as well really – according to the not-very-helpful but quite entertaining translation app we have on our phones, the parts included a game of bushes, workforce workshop and material of value for money. Oh good.

We rounded off a great day at the aire in Costa Nova, where we met Gary & Sharon, a New Zealand couple who are touring European surf spots in a campervan they bought in the UK. Not your typical surfers – they are grandparents! We shared a bottle of wine and travel tips and are going to spend a glorious day today sitting on the beach. Perfect.



Very beautiful. You didn’t mention that the scorpions have eight legs. Hooray for Hans being well again.

Er, about the scorpions, here’s me having learned something for today. Scorpions are arachnids and really do have eight legs. Shame on me for not knowing that. How could I doubt the worthy Portuguese artisans who designed and laid that footpath. Desculpe a todos.

Fantastic …especiallylike the Fish tiles and all the different architecture
I am shuddering at boring suburbia that we live amongst ,however I forget it as I drive down the rustic driveway & gaze at the ocean and my birds.

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