An Ordinary Street

The other evening whilst having a pleasant and relaxing leg stretch, S asked, what makes this feel so different? An interesting question in a country that is obviously Europe, yet feels exotic. There are no elephants or cows holding up the traffic, there’s nobody cooking insects or snakes on the street, there are no big speakers calling us to prayer 5 times a day or reminding us of how wonderful our dear leader is. Everything is familiar yet feels different – even on an ordinary street.

Because the ordinary street is familiar, you feel relaxed – but because the surfaces, colours, fonts and shapes are different, it feels exotic. For an observant person, it can be visual overload, but most of the time a walk through a Portuguese town is a string of constant little surprises – even if you’re not always completely aware of this. Who would have thought a man-hole cover in the pavement would be worthy of a photo!

The series of photos below are all taken by turning on the spot and viewing different angles of the same road. Ordinary?

This last shot doesn’t include the car that I hoped would fill the foreground because the lady driving held back so I could take my photo.

And finally, I couldn’t help include this shot of a Mégane parked next to a Renault 4. As I took the shot, I imagined the unwashed Mégane rolling up and saying (through a mouth full of chewing gum) “Alright there grandad”.



And the street-trees are made of pip-cleaners.
Can’t wait to get there. Roll on February.

Er sorry, I meant “pipe-cleaners”. Thank you eagle-eye.

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