Back to the seaside

There’s only so much culture we can take, so we decided to head back to the coast for a couple of days. We found a cracking spot just off the road that follows the bay at São Martinho do Porto and spent our days pootling on the beach, wandering around the bay to the town and climbing the headland to the tiny lighthouse.

There was a lot of flotsam and jetsom on the beach – basically rubbish, but washed in from the sea rather than stuff that thoughtless pillocks have left behind. There was also a rather odd sort of shrine – a collection of candles, which were alight all the time we were there, together with a pineapple, a mango, two kiwifruit and some roses. Not sure what to make of that really.

Sunset is about an hour and a half later here than in the UK, so on the winter solstice, we headed off at 4pm for a walk around the bay.

A beautiful place and, if the local campsite had been more than a very expensive carpark, we would have stayed longer.


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