Boas Festas

We haven’t sent Christmas cards this year – there is a bit of a story behind that. We were very organised and bought the cards before we left the UK. We were then very organised and bought the stamps in France. We were then very disorganised and left France before posting the cards. We only realised when we got to Portugal that our French stamps count for nothing here. See, that is a downside of our jet-set lifestyle that you just don’t think about.

However, that doesn’t mean that we aren’t thinking of you and we wish all of you a very Boas Festas and a happy and healthy 2012. We are settled in a very quiet campsite at Foz do Arelho, our decorations are up (no chilli lights, Basil), our fridge is full of food and our drinks cabinet is full of wine. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, so I am going to make mince pies. Or attempt to make, given the small issue of having no oven. Wish me luck!


As we didn’t send cards, here are some that a bunch of little kiddies produced earlier. These were on display in the foyer of the São Martinho do Porto Intermarché supermarket. I was stunned by the skill of these littleuns. The cards shown above are by 5 and 8 year olds! Obviously the lefty teacher made the theme secular and designy. Star shapes were made from tiny pine cones, magazine cuttings and coloured pencil shavings. Not only are these designs humbling, but it is comforting to know that Portuguese design, crafts and architecture of the future is in safe hands.



Boas Festas to you and all. (So that’s what it said on that sign a few blogs ago). We also didn’t send our usual cards – or should I say, didn’t send cards as usual? Anyway, our excuse is not as exotic as yours. Like Dick and Pam, we give the money to a good charity instead (Salvos this year). Grandpa doesn’t mind the Salvos because once when he and his mates were kicking incendiary bombs into the water off a wharf during WW2, some Salvos with a tea-cart came along calmly handing out cuppas, ignoring the mayhem. I don’t mind them because they just get on with helping, without expecting something in return. The kids’ cards are cute and impressive.

not sure if email sent, a very happy christmas to you from uncle pete,shelley jamie sarah and 2 germans staying with us

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