Walking on sunshine

The pixies got me after my last post – we had another day of rain and high winds. The advantage of the spot we are parked in at the moment is that it is exposed – lots of sun and great views (the photo above is taken from the roof of the van. D likes taking photos from the roof.) The disadvantage of the spot we are parked in at the moment is that it is exposed – which means when the wind picks up, we feel it. Cooking dinner on Monday night meant standing by the hob with lighter in hand, ready to relight the burner after each gust of wind.

There is a kite surfer in amongst those waves. Nutter.

All that nastiness went away though and the rest of the week has been more blue skies, warmth and sunshine. D has had some work and we’ve done plenty of relaxing, but also had a couple of great days out.

We visited the most westerly point of the European mainland – a beautiful spot and pretty low key apart from the Japanese tourists taking lots of photos of each other making peace signs.

Proof we were there, if you can read it.

Yesterday we went back to Caiscais. We learned our lesson from the other day and drove around the headland, parking (for free) near the marina so we could walk in with Uller and have an explore. We loved the contrasts in Caiscais. There is no doubt that there is a lot of money around – huge houses, five star hotels, fancy yachts in the marina. But there is also real-life – there is a little fishing port next to the marina and fisherman were sorting their nets in the square next to fancy restaurants.

The start of fancy marina....

...next to the fishing port

A great mix of old and new - the fort walls and the lifts to the marina underground carpark

This isn't paving - it is the roof of the Naval Club building

The Lighthouse Hotel - real lighthouse in the background, fake lighthouse gateposts in the foreground

Ooh, ooh – huge excitement! We found nice vegetarian food in Portugal!! Whoo hoo! Someone had recommended a cafe where we could get omelettes, but at €9 for a plain one, we decided to give it a miss. We then walked past a shop selling furniture made from recycled wood which also had a cafe sign. They made up a great picnic for us – feta & vegetable quiche, spinach pies and tomato/spinach/pine nut salad. They even lent us the forks as they didn’t have any plastic ones. Best of all, it cost less than a plain omelette. We took our picnic to the town beach and ate it whilst watching the fishing boats, yachts and kayaks in the bay.

Our picnic spot

Today was a domestic day for me – we are leaving the campsite tomorrow so took the opportunity to get all our washing done. D was very proud of his ‘artistic’ arrangement of washing lines in the trees. Obviously, drying washing requires a lot of attention, so I sat in the sun and read. And paid attention to the washing, of course.

Another photo taken from the roof



I see on Wikidpedia that the Westernmost point of Eurasia is described as “Where the land ends and the sea begins”. The Romans called it Big Point – not very imaginative. I wonder what it was called in Neanderthal? Rooftop photography could take on – technically speaking, do you stand on the roof or sit on the kayak? As to washing lines, the arrangement of ropes and guy-ropes etc at a campsite is a very important bloke thing; like torches and knives. Hours may be spent getting them just right and subsequent checking of tension and alignment will be needed. If they fall down in the middle of the night, it will be because the rope is made of some cheap nylon equivalent, nothing to do with the knot.

What is wrong with a round turn & 2 half hitches ? actually they don’t work with nylon ropes.
Love the lamp on the tiled wall.

Now you’ve started something. If you pass the rope through the round turn as you make the first half-hitch, your “round turn and two half-hitches” becomes a “fisherman’s bend” and it shouldn’t slip. It can be a bit more difficult to undo though. My favourite knot is the one cowboys make when they dismount and throw the rein in the general direction of the hitching post, whereupon a knot magically appears and the horse is still there for the getaway, during which said knot magically undoes itself. I like the photo of Uller taking “heel” literally.

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