Welcome to our new home!

We’ve finally taken the plunge and decided to move our blog from Apple, who are closing down their blog function at the end of June. Their system was very simple – we didn’t need to understand about hosting and domain names and stuff like that, so we’ve spent ages trying to work it out. We (think) we’ve decided that the easiest option is to go with one of the freebies, but we shall see!

As it turns out, we’ve got a bit carried away with some of the things we can do with the new blog and have set up our own domain & new email address, changed name servers, edited DNS records and I’ve even been writing some HTML code over the last couple of days! (I’m not really sure what any of that means either, I’ve just been following instructions. D can’t cope so has been hugging trees and talking to the dog). It is even mobile friendly for Basil.

We’ve changed a few bits and pieces but all the old blog posts will remain the same so you don’t need to re-read them. There must be an easy way to get our old comments onto this new blog, but if there is, it is beyond us – we are using copy & paste and sticking them at the bottom of each post as we think they are some of the best bits. We hope that commenting will be easier too as you don’t have to do the image verification thingy that often didn’t work on the old blog.

It will be a long (and boring) process to move all of our old posts to their new home, so bear with us. In the meantime, we will continue to add new stuff to this new blog and not the old one.


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One thought on “Welcome to our new home!

  1. Basil

    Very nice site, much more mobile friendly as the pictures nolonger overlap the text. My heart goes out to you S living with a graphic designer and doing some Web site design. There might be more tree hugging in three offing.

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