Dois pneus de inverno, por favor

Well, look at us! We wanted to get some super-grippy winter tyres for the van, but the local garage here couldn’t supply them – I guess there isn’t much call for winter tyres in Alentejo. So, we ordered them online. From a Portuguese website. In Portuguese!

D’s dad, hereafter to be know as He of Little Faith, was convinced that we had ordered an altogether different kind of rubber – I won’t say what as this is a family-friendly blog, but I’m sure you can guess. But fortunately nothing was lost in translation and the tyres arrived and have been fitted. Hans is now ready for anything we can throw at him, although I don’t think any of us are quite ready to brave a Welsh field after a week of rain again.

Speaking of lost of translation, it has come to our attention that there maybe some confusion about the purpose of the leisure battery we refer to on Home Sweet Wheels. For the uninitiated, the leisure battery in a motorhome is the one that powers lights etc, as opposed to the engine battery which..well, you all know what an engine battery does. We do not, as one reader has suggested (you know who you are!) have a solar panel purely to charge the batteries of a certain leisure ‘accessory’ which I won’t name because, as mentioned before, we are a family-friendly blog.


P.S. Before we are inundated with comments about how well our Portuguese is coming along, we should probably confess to a teeny weeny bit of help when ordering the tyres. In the form of the English version of the website being open alongside the Portuguese one and quite a lot of to-ing and fro-ing between them. Until it got to the point where we had to enter our credit card details, when we were on our own. We think it is quite an achievement.

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9 thoughts on “Dois pneus de inverno, por favor

  1. He of Little Faith

    That’s good pneus. And for language buffs, try working out the difference in Portuguese between the words “inverno” and “inferno”. Still we can’t complain; what with “through” and “threw” and all the other horrors in English.

  2. Big little bro

    Perhaps said reader (with regards battery powered accessories) might be re-named ‘He of Little Filth’? Or she?

  3. English Mum

    English Dad was reading the paragraph about leisure battery and muttered something about “Mr. Buzzy”. Can’t think what he means. Love the new blog. It all downloads much more quickly than the old one. Does the new computer whizz lady know why this might be?

  4. lvmx

    I have already made a comment but it must be in cyberspace…… my reference to following instructions on sticking rubber[ eraser ..if you are an ex-schoolteacher ] patches on bike tyres surely would not warrant censorship !

    • Aussie Dad and Jan

      Hey, lvmx, I’d say your msg and your flannel flower are in cyberspace forever. I know this because my first several attempts to put a photo in place of the red crazy paving icon were doomed by my complete inability to follow most computer instructions. Your ability or otherwise must be similar. Apparently it’s child’s play; maybe it would be easier if it was grumpy old man’s play.

      • But that is just it – lvmx was the first one to successfully follow the instructions and add her flannel flower icon – we saw it! It appeared next to a couple of comments and then promptly disappeared. No idea where it has gone now though.

  5. lvmx

    Where’s my flannel flower icon ?

  6. Aussie Dad and Jan

    Whoops, I’ve posted my “reply” before the comment to which I am replying – Que pasa?

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