The Chimney Concept Album

Remember the Aveiro Tiles concept album of 1971? OK, it wasn’t 1971 and I’m not a prog-rock band, it was an earlier post in blog MkI. Sorry to do this to you again, but something caught my eye in Castro Verde and it sparked a whole photographic mission. Aveiro has tiles, Castro Verde has chimneys.

Please enjoy, if you can, Castro Verde’s chimneys. Look on the bright side, at least there isn’t a 10 minute drum solo in the middle!


















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3 thoughts on “The Chimney Concept Album

  1. lvmx

    Absolutely love the photos ,I want to do that too……. not many interesting chimneys round here!!I may have pressed a wrong button ,was trying to insert my own image.
    See I can’t even follow instructions in English.

  2. Aussie Dad and Jan

    I quite like a drum solo. Also your photos. We too have boring chimneys and houses with little or not character. Likewise our boring streets. Maybe you have to be invaded by Muslims for a couple of centuries before you develop a national character like that. Oh well, we are working on that!

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