It takes all sorts

We had one of those stupid late nights last night. You know the type – staying up really, really late for no good reason at all. The kind you assume you will grow out of when you leave your teens behind but, it appears, you don’t.

So we decided not to set our usual 8am alarm, knowing that we could rely on Uller to wake us up before we lost half the day. And she did, bless her. At 8.04am.

We’ve just met an interesting couple on the campsite. It’s hard to convey sarcasm when you don’t have the benefit of tone of voice so you’ll have to trust me when I say that I am saying the word ‘interesting’ in a sarcastic way. You know me, you’ve all heard it before, some more than others. The conversation went something like this;

Him: You’ve got a southern accent, you have. Come on then, where are you from?

Me: Surrey.

Him: Oh, the posh bit. Of course we could already tell you were posh because of your posh motorhome.

Now, why is it OK for him to call me posh because I have a southern accent, but would almost certainly be deemed unacceptable for me to call him common because he has a northern accent? And our ‘posh’ 22 year old motorhome? This is from someone who has a Mercedes Sprinter van conversion, only a few years old, with personalised number plates which is probably worth about 3 times ours. Never mind, let’s move on. He grabs my arm and drags me to the edge of the campsite to point out the solar hot water tank on the roof of a nearby house.

Him: Do you know what that is?

Me: Um, yes. Solar hot water.

Him: And have you seen the PV panels. Do you know what PV panels are?

Me: Um, yes. Photovoltaic. They produce electricity.

Him: Oh, so you know your solar? You’ve got brains then?

Me: Um, well, not really. It’s just that we had solar hot water when we lived in Australia and we have a PV panel on the roof of the motorhome.

After establishing that I wouldn’t know his relatives in Sydney (a city of over 4 million people) because I had lived in Adelaide (over 1000km away), we moved back to solar energy. He was very proud to tell me that they spend the winter travelling in their motorhome and for the last three years have relied solely on the solar energy. He has also just set up a solar system at home. Great, good for him.

Him: You’ve parked the wrong way though – your door should be on the south side for the sun.

D: There’s a good reason for that. The wind comes from the north. It has been very windy and if we park the other way, with the cooker & fridge vents facing north, the gas will blow out.

Him: But the fridge is now on the south side, which means it is working too hard. You should have parked the other way.

I guess he is right that the fridge wouldn’t have to work so hard if we were parked the other way. In fact, it wouldn’t have to work at all once it had blown out. D made up an excuse about having to get back to do the dishes and I didn’t bother with an excuse at all. They have now parked behind us and will be here for a couple of days. So far, D has been diplomatic, but I suspect the next post could be another one of D’s rants.



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3 thoughts on “It takes all sorts

  1. hbamsj

    You met all kinds on your travels.LOL

  2. Aussie Dad and Jan

    It sounds as if your new friend would fit right in with some of the grey nomads we have met in our travels in Oz. Also, we have a neighbour along those lines. Yesterday evening he described to me (from memory) the route I should take to get from Northampton to Dover, including road and exit numbers, the likely travel time and the current price of petrol and diesel in UK. He then started to tell me other excruciating details about their forthcoming cruise until his wife realised my eyes had glazed over and took him away. As for your new friend being a Northerner, even the very best places in the world have their nut cases.

  3. Posh English dad

    How I hate people like that. I bet there isn’t anything you know that he doesn’t! It seems from what Aussie dad says that it isn’t only UK that has people who’ve ‘known their place in society’ since they were a fertilised egg. But, there you are, the so-called North/South divide wouldn’t exist without the North (which I think should be spelt lower case – I’m as bad aren’t I!)I wonder how long the many northerners who live in the South have to be here before they also become posh. We have a Scottish friend who has lived half his life in Farnham, and will never leave, who still talks about the ‘la de dah’ people of Farnham!
    By the way, I couldn’t tell you the price of petrol in UK because I don’t regularly travel that much. However, in Abingdon yesterday it was £1-34.9 per litre. It varies considerably.

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