Hello world!

We started our travel blog so that friends and family could keep up to date with where we were and what we’d been up to. The old site was fine, but a bit obscure and even those who knew us found it hard to find sometimes.

Since our move to WordPress, it seems that we are easier to find. This is all new to us – we are getting visits from places other than the UK & Australia and people we don’t know are now following our blog – welcome! It’s all very exciting and we’ve got a bit ‘sad muppet’ about checking how many people have visited and where they come from. I’m sure the novelty will wear off and I’m not sure why I’m even surprised – I follow blogs of people I don’t know and leave comments. I guess it is just nice to know that someone else might want to read what we are writing!

Copying over the old posts is a bit tedious – I’m trying to get as many done as possible while we are on a campsite with t’internet. I’ve had a few problems, but am getting lots of help from the WordPress forum, especially from someone called justpi, who is doing a great job of explaining things in simple language, but without making me feel like a complete idiot!

Although it seemed like a good idea at the time, the photo-heavy posts are particularly laborious. Ooh – spellchecker has just told me that laborious is spelt without the ‘u’ in labour, even though the origin is from ‘Old French laborieux, from Latin laboriosus, from labor/labour.’ Why doesn’t British English (as opposed to American English) put a ‘u’ in? I guess for the same reasons that we don’t put the ‘f’ in Lieutenant.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes. As I add posts, the software kindly suggests tags that I might want to include for that post. Tags are one or two words that relate to your post and that make your post easier to find e.g. we could use the tag ‘world heritage’ on our post about Convento do Christo. We are not bothering with tags as it is all I can do to remember to add a category to each post at the moment. As far as I can tell, the suggested tags are just phrases taken completely out of context – two of the suggestions that we have received so far are ‘looking at a baby’ and ‘incendiary bombs’. Anyone searching for information about babies would probably be a bit disappointed to find a post about dinosaur footprints and I’m not sure that ‘incendiary bombs’ is a sensible tag to have on anything – probably gets you flagged with MI6 and the CIA!

Anyway, back to the grind.


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4 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. lvmx

    I think you are amazing with all your writing & IT skills… its taken me 24 hrs to access mail & I don’t know where my little pic. has gone . Maybe I need to speak to justpi , they’d have to be extremely simple for me !

    • Transferring the blog feels a bit like being back at work. I sit at the desk after breakfast, take a break for lunch, get frustrated when our t’internet link drops out etc etc. I’ll get back to having a real life soon – nearly finished!


  2. hbamsj

    Hi. I sign up for this Blog a few days ago. I was reading the blog when you were in Portugal. Then I started to get up to 10 blogs a day going back to 15th July 2011. How can I stop this. Want to read blogs in present day only. My inbox is filling up, 54 emails from you. I enjoy reading about your travel now and find you blog very interesting. Hope you can sort this. Thank you. Nora O’Sullivan.

  3. Hi Nora. Firstly, thanks for following the blog! I’m sorry about all the emails – unfortunately WordPress sends one for every post that I copy over from our old blog and I can’t change it. I did send an email to the people who were following when I started transferring all the old stuff over, but must have missed you – apologies!

    The good news is that I’m nearly finished – I have 8 more old posts to transfer, which I hope to finish tomorrow and then the only emails you will receive from then on will be for current posts. I hope this is OK.


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