My work here is done

Finished! All 70-odd posts copied over from the old blog. Congratulations to our followers who have been inundated with emails notifying them of ‘new’ posts over the last few days and have stuck with us! If you have been putting off following, you can now do so, safe in the knowledge that you will only get an email when there is something new to read.

I’ve been re-reading a lot of it as I’ve been going and have noticed a few things;

  • We have become too reliant on hookup, given we have a solar panel. In our first 6 weeks, we only had mains for 4 nights. For our last 3 weeks in Alentejo – blue skies and sunshine every day – we’ve been on hookup. Must do better!
  • I don’t take as many photos as I used to – need to remember to take my camera with me more often! The upside is that it will give you all a break from photos of chimneys.
  • Going on walks recommended by locals and getting lost, or taking twice as long as we expected, has become a bit of a theme.

I’m off to get a life now.



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3 thoughts on “My work here is done

  1. I, for one, liked the chimneys. Remind me one day to show you some of the pictures from my “stick and drift wood” period. Or maybe not…

  2. PS – for reasons I don’t understand, our names have changed. Don’t worry, I’m still “Aussie Dad”. “Steveand” is just a pseudonym.

  3. hbamsj

    53 post now to read. So will be busy. Love photos with blogs. Thank you for a great read. Will report back when I travel the road with you and Google earth.

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