A vegetarian restaurant!


Our Portuguese is not as good as it should be, so decifering a menu to find a vegetarian option is tricky. Not that there are many veggie options – most Portuguese cuisine is geared towards meat or fish, with the occasional veggie soup thrown in. As a result we haven’t been eating out much here. Except for coffee & pastries, which the Portuguese excel at.

So you can imagine our delight when the guy in the tourist office mentioned there was a vegetarian restaurant in Beja. We had lunch there today and it was lovely – self-service style where you paid for the weight of the meal. It was great to be able to pick something on the basis that it looked good rather than wondering about what was in it. We are now pleasantly stuffed.

Must go now to administer medicine – Uller has an ear infection which has made her go deaf (we thought it was just her age!) and we have to squirt cream into her ears. I imagine she is going to just love that.


P.S. It is 25C at the moment. Lovely.

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5 thoughts on “A vegetarian restaurant!

  1. English Mum

    The food looks yummy. I’ll have the portion nearest the camera. What’s 25C? Actually, we have had a lovely day here, sunny and around 9C.

  2. Anna Bokma

    Hello S and D,
    All the best with Ulla, thank you for your beautifull pictures and hope to see you soon.

    Anna and Ferry Bokma

  3. lvmx

    That looks delicious ! Wow ,today is sunny ,it isn’t hammering down and we can see the ocean and the headlands again . about 19 C here .

  4. StuckinWandsworth

    Is the World Weather blog? Can non-vegetarians join in? It’s about 15C and sunny here. Wandsworth is looking glorious – and quite surprised. Unfortunately a hosepipe ban has just been announced, so that’s the rest of March and April well and truly rained off.

  5. No Stuckin, the world is a recipe-swapping blog. Mr Hireahymer kitted us out with, amongst other things, a dutch oven (for cynical Aussies, that means a camp oven, which is probably just as bad in some ways). Anyway it’s terrific for one-pot meals for four and I am going to try one of my specials – Huevos Rancheros. The vegetarian element is going to be tricky as one of the main taste contributors to the dish should be chorizo. Never mind, we’ll find a way. By the way, this part of Portugal is fantastic. What I can’t figure out is, after doing all that early exploration and being allocated half of the entire globe by a frustrated and annoyed Pope, not to mention being happy and welcoming and content in the face of adversity, why aren’t they a world power? They’ve certainly cornered the market for marble – maybe they should have figured out a way to use it to power the horseless carriage.

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