Castro Verde – the missing tracks

Isn’t it annoying when films are released in the wrong order according to the sequence of events in the story? The prequel cash-in. What about those “missing tracks” from an album* long gone?

As I am a bit behind with some things (some would say many things), miss super–IT and her “blogs-on-the-fly” from the phone is going to be tough for me to keep up. So, expect a few random musings in the wrong order. Situation normal then.

Those who appreciated (or just tolerated) the artistry of the self-indulgent Castro Verde chimneys concept album a few blogs ago, may be pleased to see a collection of more mainstream pictures from the editing suite. If prequels annoy you, just pretend this is a dream-sequence. Oh, no those are annoying as well!


*Note for “da yoof”. An “album” is a whole collection of songs released at the same time by a band or artist. You might be familiar with the “Best-of” and think this is an “album”. This is not an album or a best-of, it is a collection of high sales singles and is the work of pure evil.

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3 thoughts on “Castro Verde – the missing tracks

  1. Big Little Bro

    Your sense of integrity, sense of humour and the Renault/shell sign shot: winners.

  2. lvmx

    I don’t read your messages in the correct order anyway.
    I loved the chimneys and particularly the car above ,in fact i’m going out with the camera now.

  3. I think it’s nice that neither lvmx nor BLB are able (or have the courage) to apply their own gravatar to their comments. There is something genetic going on here? And their auto-gravatars are both green. See, it is genetic. I have been wandering round now for weeks with D and S and my camera. I am unable to match the artist’s eye that D applies to ordinary-looking things and then transfers it to film. (Yes, yes I know – it’s not fillum any more but you know what I mean).
    PS I am from the generation that gets timed out five times while trying to make a booking on line.
    PPS Having a great time wandering with D and S. The best bit is just tagging along behind Hans while D and S do the navigating. It’s not my fault when we have to go round the roundabout again!

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