Room with a view

Not a bad place to spend the night – the aire at the hilltop village of Monsaraz, looking across the border to Spain.

Aussie Dad & Jan joined us last weekend and we will travel together through Portugal, Spain & France over the next 3 months. Once we have wifi, we’ll be able to catch up on what we’ve been up to recently.

We have a tour of Megalithic sites planned for tomorrow. Dinner, wine and our new liquers – fig & pennyroyal – planned for this evening!


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3 thoughts on “Room with a view

  1. English Mum

    What a beautiful view to wake up to in the morning. You certainly know how to pick your sites. The liquer sounds odd, but then I don’t like figs. Is pennyroyal a herb?

  2. lvmx

    Yes , Pennyroal is a herb, [a mint ] ….Mentha pulegium ]…. used in the l olden days clear /purify drinking cask of stale water.on sea voyages . … add it to soups /stuffing .xxx

  3. Used to clear casks of stale water eh?? Our bottle came with its own mysterious leafy stalk of something inside. It may have been a leftover from Vasco da Gama’s cask. The surrounding contents of the bottle, however, tasted very good. So did the fig liqueur. I slept very well. The view from that Aire is indeed phenomenal. So is the little walled town of Monsaraz. The walls of the Aire were mounted with many huge spotlights – about 2 per motorhome on average. Luckily they didn’t come on until about 0930 the next day. Why? Who cares! The church bells chimed the hour all night (so I’m told) twice. On the hour, bong bong…(eg) eleven times then a short pause of about 30 secs then repeat… Argh. We think it was the resident kind old monk thinking to himself “The bells will wake the people. They will wonder what time it is, because they may have heard only half the bells. Therefore I shall do them all a favour and ring them again.” Hence the old saying “All those who wonder are awake”

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