Viva Espanha!

I wasn’t kidding when I said we might be in the middle of Spain soon! We’ve ducked into the south-west corner to see a couple of things, particularly the Alhambra.

We spent last night in Seville, the half way point between Serpa and Granada. We had found details of a free overnight parking site on a French website so decided to head for that, which turned out to be a decision we would regret.

We were parked in an area near the river, where the World Expo was held in 1992. It is an odd area now – a bit like some of the old Olympic sites which have been abandoned and not reused. Maybe the whole area comes to life in the summer – who knows? We wandered around one of the large parks and along the river, commenting on the general city noise that might lead to a disturbed sleep – traffic, sirens and the usual church bells.

Well, it seems that our little carpark is not quite as abandoned as it first appeared. In fact, it seems to be where the Seville yoof congregate on a Saturday night to party. New Year’s Eve in Peniche had nothing on last night. The music blasting at full volume from a nearby car was so loud that we could feel the vibration through the floor of the van. Everyone seemed to be having a good time (those who weren’t trying to sleep, that is) and there was no trouble, but there was also no chance of a good night’s rest! The flamenco sounded pretty cool but by that stage it was about 4.30am and we were past caring.

To top it all off, our clocks went forward an hour when we crossed into Spain yesterday lunchtime and then went forward again last night for European Summer Time. We had set the alarm for an early start so we could have a quick wander into the city before heading for Granada, but the 7.30am alarm was the equivalent of 5.30am yesterday and we had had very little sleep – plans for the city were quickly abandoned as we decided to hit the road while the men were still awake enough to drive in a straight line.

Something always comes along to put things in perspective though – Aussie Dad got talking to a guy from Nigeria, a marine engineer who has been unable to find work in that field. He is now trying to make a living directing people to spaces in the carpark for tips. At least after a couple of good sleeps, our lives will be ticket-boo again.


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2 thoughts on “Viva Espanha!

  1. The Nigerian gent also told me that we had been lucky the weather was no good, otherwise there would have been lots of people partying. Ai-yai-yai as they say here in Spain. And speaking of Spain, this morning I spent a few seconds collecting myself to say “Good morning” in Spanish to a bloke working in the park and he answered in Portuguese. I give in. It’s “G’day mate” from now on.

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