We’re back!!

And so back to Portugal. First stop Elvas, a fortified town just a few kilometres inside the border and the best preserved town-with-a-very-specific-type-and-age-of-fortification in the world. Very impressive it is too and full of lovely spring colour, which is particularly appreciated when it is pee-ing down with the heaviest rain we have had since we left the UK 5 months ago.

While in Elvas we spotted the Piaggio Sulky.

I don’t think so – this is sulky…

We also visited the best preserved dolmen in Portugal. No idea how old it is – there is no sign or any kind of information. It is just out there in a field. Surrounded by cows with very big horns, so I stayed in the van and admired from a distance. The cows can run very fast – away from people going to look at the dolmen.

We found a fantastic spot to camp for the night – in the middle of nowhere, nobody around. Until the following morning, when the cows are herded down to the water to graze. Did I mention that a lot of cows in Portugal wear cow bells? Makes a change from being woken up by church bells!

We stopped for coffee and a gooey cake at a cafe which does an interesting range of desserts – I’m not sure which one we had and I think it is best not to know.

So, where are we now? Tomar!! Sound familiar? We came here in November to see Convento do Cristo and enjoyed it so much that we brought D’s brother back in January. And because we were only 30km away last night, we thought we should bring Aussie Dad & Jan to see it too! The campsite receptionist is beginning to wonder if we are going to bring every member of our family. Well, we did say that if you are ever in the northern hemisphere you should come…


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3 thoughts on “We’re back!!

  1. lvmx

    I’ve just been to Tomar & Elvas too ! Love the purple petals [id ? ] with the Skagen [ Denmark ] yellow
    ,wonder if it was originally a local rock ,macerated & smeared on the walls…?
    Hope I get there too. Mini Stonehenge… only small demons ?

  2. English Mum

    I really hope you didn’t have camel’s slobber! Stunning photos in these last two blogs.

  3. Have I mentioned D’s photography? We all walked down that path, under that tree with the purple flowers; only one of us saw it with an artist’s eye. Of all the things we saw, one of the most memorable was the column (vertical in real life) with the four iron hooks upon which miscreants used to be suspended. The book didn’t explain which crimes resulted in that punishment. Equally punishing was the walk up the tiny staircase of the Muslim tower that was used as a jail for a while in later years.

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