On top of the world

We had arranged to meet Aussie Dad & Jan at an aire in Torre Moncorvo after their adventures and our R&R. On the way, we ventured onto a new(ish) motorway which neither our road atlas or satnav lady knew about. It took a less windy, but just as steep, route through the mountains and we could often see the old road that satnav lady thought (hoped) we should be on running nearby. And guess who we saw on that road?! We took the next exit and chased them down – think the classic chase scenes from Ronin. Only a bit slower. And more cumbersome.

The aire was fantastic – on the edge of the town which was on the edge of a mountain. Our own picnic area and spectacular views. It was a bit nippy so we enjoyed both from the comfort of the van.

Today we drove through more mountains and some of the most magnificent scenery we’ve seen so far – incredible views as far as the eye can see in all directions. In several places, the road ahead looked like it dropped off the top of the world. Breathtaking, not that the following photos do it justice at all. In fact, they are probably quite boring as they are all distant views through the windscreen – you’ll just have to take my word for it and gasp in amazement anyway.

We went to Mirandela to see a Roman bridge and to Murca to see a very old carved pig. These pigs are scattered around northern Portugal and Spain and are thought to be Celtic fertility symbols. We also ventured along other new(ish) roads and various roadworks diversions which really got satnav lady’s knickers in a twist.

So we are now in a campsite in Chaves, preparing to leave Portugal. This means stocking up on cheap groceries & LPG and getting several loads of washing done – although given the machine takes nearly 2 hours to do one load, we could be here all weekend!

And finally, on a Skype call this evening, English Mum & Dad mentioned that they hadn’t seen Uller recently – so here she is, just for them.


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2 thoughts on “On top of the world

  1. lvmx

    I felt cold just looking at those glorious mountain views or maybe ‘cos it is only 8 degrees now !Great bridge [too far ?] cute dog ,hello/scratch Uller

  2. D and S looming up in the rear vision mirror whilst driving on a small Portuguese winding road is an awesome sight. The Roman bridge was interesting, having been modified a couple of times over the eons, most recently to accommodate much more water after a dam was built about 500m downstream. We are sitting in the van this morning with the heater on and wearing thermal underwear whilst the German gent over the creek is ambling about in shorts and T-shirt. Ach du lieber.

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