In Spain, the rain falls mainly on……

….anywhere we are. The north of Spain isn’t called ‘Green Spain’ for nothing. We’ve had rain every day for the last week which makes it the longest stretch of bad weather we’ve had since leaving the UK in October. One of the advantages of travelling in a motorhome is that you can move on if you don’t like the weather, but it seems that most of northern Spain/south west France has similar weather at the moment so we’ve decided to grin and bear it.

So, what have we been up to? Driving through incredible mountain scenery, visiting a Roman villa, checking out prehistoric cave paintings. We had planned to take a route around the edge of the Picos de Europa, but changed our minds when we encountered snow at a much lower altitude. And drove past a snow plough which still had snow all over it. Turns out it might still be a bit wintry in them there hills in April and we didn’t fancy getting snowed in.

Our new route took us to Carrion de los Condes which turned out to be close to one of the most significant Roman villas in Spain. Right, better visit that then. It had some of the most amazing mosaic floors we’ve seen anywhere, although I wasn’t too keen on the weird statue/hologram thing which gave us an introduction to the villa – very creepy.

The aire at Carrion backed onto the river, which made for a lovely outlook from the living room…

The next day was bitterly cold, windy and drizzly, so what did we do? Walk across a bridge over a beautiful, but bleak, lake – perfect for chilling the wind just a bit more as it whips across the water.

We also visited one of the most famous cave painting sites in Spain at Altamira. Painted in around 12,000BC a roof collapse 1000 years later preserved them until their discovery in the 1870s. Of course, they were opened to the public and by the 1950s, 175,000 people were visiting each year. They began to deteriorate due to, amongst other things, the humidity from all that human breath (yuck!) so were closed again and visitors these days have to make do with a replica cave and museum dedicated to archaeology and early human history. The replica cave is pretty good, but there is no getting away from the fact that you are not in the real thing – it is too warm, dry and well lit for a start – better that than risk destroying something that has survived for so long though. No cameras allowed, so you’ll have to use your imagination or Google if you want pictures!

Onwards and upwards – next stop Donostia!


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