Bayonne to Millau

We liked Bayonne so much that we went back for another visit – and to collect the umbrella that Aussie Dad had left in the Basque museum a couple of days earlier.

AD&J’s van was fixed and belongings transferred from the hire van in a much more ordered manner. We then headed east across Languedoc and into the Midi-Pyrennees to Millau, home of the viaduct which has been on our list of things to see since it was built.

On the way, we drove through many French villages and towns with wonderful things to see – a great bridge, a pretty square, an impressive castle. If we stopped at every place we’d never get anywhere, so we decided to head for the aire each day and then explore the local town. Unfortunately, the town that one of our aires was in proved that not every French town has something wonderful to see. Never mind, they had provided a free aire for us where we could watch the old boys playing petanque and the young boys doing their rugby training, so all was not lost.

Millau is a lovely town with a very popular aire – space for 32 motorhomes and at least 16 more turned up looking for a spot once it was full (yes, I am sad and I did count). We had a wander around the town in the afternoon, battling the wind which had been our constant companion for a few days. I was a little uneasy about walking under old shutters which were blowing around and there was no way I was stopping next to a building covered in scaffolding to have my photo taken. I feel vindicated having seen the photos on the BBC website of the scaffolding on a North London building which was blown down by the wind!

The wind picked up even more that night – we put the jacks under the front of the van to try and reduce the rocking when we were hit by the 50mph gusts. It helped (a bit) but we still had a fairly restless night as we listened to each wind & rain front get louder and louder before finally battering us. We are now on a local campsite for access to washing machines – fortunately the sun came out yesterday and dried most of it, because the weather today is quite frankly absolutely crap!

Off to the viaduct information centre this afternoon before venturing across at huge cost tomorrow on our way north – it is a toll road and we think we will probably be classed as an HGV when it comes to paying the toll. That is assuming that the wind has died down a bit of course….


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