Standing stones & secret spots

Our guide book tells us that Carnac is the most important prehistoric site in Europe, due to its alignments of around (I didn’t count) 2000 menhirs. It is also a lovely town that we were very happy to spend a couple of nights in, despite the noisy party going on into the small hours of Sunday morning. It also had a great mediatheque with free wifi and a bakery with fantastic bread and yummy chocolate & caramel tart. What’s not to like?

Neolithic dolmen decor;

And the tradition continues today;

When we went to the landsailing club, D mentioned that we were in a motorhome and the guy recommended a spot just around the corner from the club, where he said we could park overnight. Despite the dozens of motorhomes on the peninsula, no-one else seemed to know about our secret spot! After lunch on the headland, we headed back there for a potter on the beach – we even had a shipwreck from 1765 to look at when the tide went out.


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One thought on “Standing stones & secret spots

  1. lvmx

    I think this last photo is a prehistoric dinosaur trilobite… ?

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