The tide is high

Well, what to do on the Brittany coast when the tide comes in and covers the lovely landsailing beaches? By the shape of the trees around here, I get the feeling wind is a regular feature of the weather but as there is water everywhere and no wind on this occasion, let’s break out the kayak!

Judging by the speed that the old man rushed off to get changed when I suggested a paddle, he must have been desperate to get out on the water.

The old man’s experience with double kayaks was instantly obvious with his paddling style. After deciding that we don’t need to paddle at battle speed, or rather realising how far away the island we’d decided to paddle to was, we knocked it down a couple of notches to cruise-glide mode.

The beach of Île de something-or-other was the goal. Well, it was for me. As we approached the island, the kayak seemed to be veering to the right, despite my subtle extra digs of the paddle on the right to steer us left. I started to get annoyed, thinking that the kayak might have a design fault. Then felt guilty for mocking S’s apparent dominant-on-one-side paddling on previous outings. After several minutes of going the wrong way;

Me; “Ummm, we are heading for the beach, aren’t we?”
Old Man; “Oh, I was heading for the headland.”

So, around the headland we go to check the Atlantic isn’t in ship-breaking mode so we can attempt a circumnavigation. The water was clear, so no trouble picking our way through the shallow bits of rocky outcrops. There were plenty of interesting sea birds roosting in the rocks, but, alas bird-watchers, I have no photographic evidence!

Another interesting bit of wildlife to report was the ominous silent drift of very large jellyfish. When I say large, I mean large enough for me to say “Look at that moon”. In the background, Obi Wan said “That’s no moon, that’s a jellyfish”.

On the way back to the coast the pace was picked up as I think the old food devouring machine paddling behind me was getting hungry. No daring deeds or near-death experiences, just a perfect couple of hours paddling about.

“I know they are out there somewhere”

“Hang on…”

“Yay, they’re back!”


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One thought on “The tide is high

  1. Aussie Dad and Jan

    I’m sure we caught a little wave to cap off our epic paddle. Looking at the photos however, maybe the wave was in my imagination. Could it have been the wake from one of those jellyfish?

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