We can see France!


The view from our overnight stop this morning – you probably can’t because the photo isn’t brilliant, but we could see France, especially last night with all the twinkly lights. There were also lots of fireworks in this area for some reason and we saw a UFO!

D’s laptop seems to be working OK and, as far as we know, DFDS haven’t gone into administration so today’s departure should be smooth sailing – boom boom!

Yes, Aussie Dad, there was cricket. Rain didn’t stop play but I bet you wish it had.

And Basil, thanks for the (very) early morning text, en route to the World Landyachting Championships in Cherriuex – good luck!

S & D


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One thought on “We can see France!

  1. Aussie Dad and Jan

    Ooh, wish I was there. Still, the advantage is you don’t have to keep checking your rear-vision mirror to see if we are lost again. Hey Basil, thanks for the Yorkshire Fat Rascal and other recipes. They inspired my old Mum to make a batch of Yorkshire Parkin (after we found the recipe on line). Good luck at the Champs – I hope it doesn’t rain, otherwise you will be racing on a patch of sand smaller than a cricket pitch. Damn I wasn’t going to mention cricket. Oh well…..sigh.

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