An intercontinental trundle


We’re whizzing across Europe now! Well, whizzing at a fairly sedate 85km/h, which makes us the slowest vehicle on the motorways by a long shot.

Last night was spent at a lovely free spot beside a canal in Belgium. We were surprised to see that commercial transport by barge was still a viable option. Some of the barges are also the family home, complete with paddling pool and car, which is craned off to the bank when needed.

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4 thoughts on “An intercontinental trundle

  1. Basil

    I don’t mean to crash you blog but a quick update on day 2. After day 1 drive that basically was to far. I did cheat and use toll roads which can at times be a little, did have the highlight of the lovely ladies to collect the toll and the bridges at le Harve which appeared as a wall in the rain.

    After a well earned sleep the yacht was assembled for the first time I used no borrowed kit so my version of quantitive easing should becoming to an end. Our man from up north Cookie helped out on some tweaking if you can put up with the industrial language there are things to learn so my BS quota has been increased. All crinkles have been removed from sail even though things are done up frightenliy tight, so tonight it is batten grinding.

    Young Robbie has his new yacht and is a member of team ‘ango I have added some picture on my Picasa site fi you can remember it.

    I saw Jens today and he was asking after you I mentioned you we in Germany clearing the place out whilst they are away.

    As to things sporty the Australians can console themselves with a countryman second in the TdF to and Brit first and third. Ouch that has to smart.

  2. Aussie Dad and Jan

    We are going to end up with dueling conversations on your blog if we’re not careful. However, I can’t let Basil’s comment go without mentioning that he might have overlooked the recent result at Silverstone? (If you are reading this from a country that doesn’t understand things like cricket, tennis, F1 and land-yachting, just relax and look at the pictures). By the way, you forgot to ask me whether or not Casey Stoner should go on a “Stay Upright” course. And now, back to the real action. It’s a shame the weather is not so good but snug in the m-home is a great place to be. Denmark next?

  3. lvmx

    I’d like to go bike riding along the canal or maybe kayaking ?
    anyone help me on how to get my personal icon in the little box ?

    • G’day, you change the picture in a thing called “gravatar”. I can’t remember how to do it but knowing my skills, it must have been easy. Give me a ring and we’ll see if we can work it out. S

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