The perfect blend of efficiency & humour

What a beautiful view – this must be one of the nicest places we’ve stayed so far. We’re in Ribnitz on the north coast of Germany, looking out across a Baltic inlet and watching the sailing boats come in.

Public wifi seems to be a rare thing in Germany but we found it at the local tourist information office, housed in a very cool reflective building.


While we had the opportunity, we researched the ferry from Sweden to Finland. We now have to decide whether we want to drive all the way there and all the way back, or pay €460 (gulp!) for the ferry!

All of our driving (bar the last half hour) has been on motorways – super efficient despite the miles and miles of roadworks that we’ve been through. They don’t seem to cause too many problems though. Everyone sticks to the speed limit and the traffic just keeps on flowing. Of course, if you are used to travelling at 130km/h+ (perfectly normal in Germany), then having to slow down to 80km/h might be a bit inconvenient. But how could you possibly mind when you have signage like this to keep you amused?





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One thought on “The perfect blend of efficiency & humour

  1. Aussie Dad and Jan

    Apparently “noch” means “still”? So presumably in Germany that means “only 4 more Km to go before getting back up to warp speed” whereas in UK and Oz it would mean “nothing is moving for 4 Km”. In a certain motorhome of our acquaintance, with 4 Km to go, it would be time to start accelerating: warp speed was about 90 Kph after which things swayed rather alarmingly. D and S used to get some amusement by watching us weaving and swaying around behind them.
    Amazing reflective building they’ve got there. It looks a bit like I might get vertigo like I do in fancy shops that have lots of mirrors.

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