And so to Sweden

It was only on Sunday that we said goodbye to the white cliffs of Dover – this evening we said goodbye to the white cliffs of northern Germany as we sailed past on the ferry to Sweden.

Sweden will be our fifth country in four days – sixth if you include the UK – and it is time to slow down a bit. Moving on each day and spending the day on the motorway isn’t really our thing.

The ferry was a bit different for us – Uller was allowed to join us onboard, rather than being confined to the van for the crossing. And there was a train on board which isn’t something you see every day.


So now we are at the free motorhome parking place, right on the coast in Trelleborg. We’ll stop here for a couple of nights to plan our next move. And to people-watch – there is a high turnover of motorhomes arriving and leaving on ferries and I’m a nosey old biddy.



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2 thoughts on “And so to Sweden

  1. Aussie Dad and Jan

    The weather looks lovely – not much like what has been forecast. We’ve tried to find your whereabouts in Trelleborg without much luck. Tried “husbil gratis park” to no avail. Trelleborg itself looks like a very clean (if empty) town. A train on a ship; I like it!

  2. Basil

    Right my email inbox is being filled by alerts for the northen lights. So we await some descriptions of kicking back on an evening wrapped in a rug watch zany colours on the big screen.

    Could go well with the program I am listening on the radio phonic workshop.

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