We had intended to spend a few days pottering around Öland but then realised that we hadn’t got much further north than we were when we booked our ferry to Finland a few days ago, so instead just spent one night there.

The whole of the southern end of the island is a World Heritage Site – not sure why as our Very Rough Guide makes no mention of it at all, but it is certainly another beautiful spot. It is a huge limestone plateau which we were hoping to see, but the plateau is actually covered with a few centimetres of topsoil – not enough to support forest or much agriculture so instead there are expanses of wildflower meadow. And a lot of windmills.

The bridge to the island, including rather violent hump to allow the shipping through;

We spent the night on the edge of a nature reserve, popular with bird watchers and paddling cows. Picnic benches, manual water pump & WC provided for campers. Very civilised.

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2 thoughts on “Öland

  1. Aussie Dad and Jan

    The first of three photos below your main text is blocked to me. Is it something you would rather I didn’t see? I had a quick look at Oland history: archeology goes back to 8000BC and is pretty much continuous since. Fascinating and beautiful. What a place! (Apparently a very large number of people go there in holiday times. Best avoided then methinks).

  2. It’s OK ,D&S, I have “fixed” Aussie’s D problem – we can see all photos! Jan

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