In praise of roadside rest stops

Rastplatz, or rest stops, are brilliant and hugely popular with people stopping on their journey to have breakfast, morning coffee, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, supper etc. The Swedes love being outside and take any opportunity to stop for a picnic, soaking up the sun in a way only people who don’t see much of it for several months can do. They also provide handy overnight stops for motorhomes and caravans.

Some are pretty basic, but others are really quite lovely. The main picture is the picnic area of the one we stayed at last night. On one side the picnic area, on the other Lake Vättern;

And the same view at midnight. See why we don’t really need tea lights?

Friday night’s view – there was a jetty here and a few people stopped off for a picnic and a swim;

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3 thoughts on “In praise of roadside rest stops

  1. Some Tall Bloke

    It is difficult not to be jealous of your most excellent adventure. Some superb photography, and locations one can only image.

  2. Want tea lights? Do what we do – draw all the curtains, shut all the doors…..Night Time! Great pictures, great journey.

  3. lvmx

    I use shells for tea lights. love the rastplatz photos.

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