A bit further north and west

We found a motorhome dealer on the outskirts of Tampere who we thought would probably be able to point us in the direction of a workshop to do the clutch. Sure enough, they knew a motorhome/commercial vehicle workshop around the corner who could do the work – unfortunately, not for another week.

Well, at least that would give us time to explore some of the coast to the west. Our tourist information friend in Turku had recommended visiting the old town of Rauma, one of the best preserved ‘wooden’ towns in Scandanavia and a World Heritage site to boot.

It was indeed a lovely place – beautiful cottages, wide cobbled streets and a large square where we sat eating icecreams late one afternoon. It was only just after 5pm, but the place was practically deserted. It was a bit busier when we had another walk around the following morning, but not much. We think they probably planted people for the photos in the tourist brochure we had, which suggested crowds thronging through the streets.

We pootled about on the coast for a few days and visited another World Heritage site – a Bronze Age burial site with 36 separate cairns, set in a lovely area of forest. It also had a very quiet carpark and, again, very few visitors so we decided to stay the night.

Eventually it was time to head back to Tampere to sort the clutch out. On the way, we found a great overnight spot on the edge of a lake. There was a beach volleyball court, swimming & fishing jetty and boat jetty, all getting plenty of use. D even had a swim!

Getting work done on the van is always a bit of a concern – it is our home and, because of the dog, staying somewhere else so a workshop can have it overnight isn’t that easy. Fingers crossed that all goes to plan.

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2 thoughts on “A bit further north and west

  1. Aussie Dad and Jan

    I do love a bronze age pile of rocks. Much better than an iron age pile: how do they know the difference I wonder? What lovely little towns they have there in Finland. We camping in Laurieton righty now. The sun has gone down and it’s so cold I can’t feel the keys but luckily my dinner has arrived so….more later.

  2. Rauma looks lovely ,love the lakesides shacks .0n our way to broken Hill,great family visit.Burra for lunch.xxx

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