Happy days

So we zigged our way south-east to Piteå, the closest place in Sweden to get LPG. We now have a full tank and have been celebrating by having lunchtime coffees, afternoon cups of tea and the heating on in the evening – all banned throughout Finland as they don’t have LPG. It hasn’t really been cold enough to warrant the heating (certainly not as cold as it was in Finnish Lapland), but that is not the point. The point is we have gas, we can turn the heating on and so we shall.

We also spent a couple of nights in Skellefteå to attend to a couple of practical matters. It’s that time of year again – still too warm for the winter duvet, slightly too cold for the thin one with extra blankets. Problem solved (hopefully) by two new fleecy blankets – D said he has never been so excited about the purchase of soft furnishings. Bless him. We were also able to find a vet, happy to prescribe more of Uller’s various medications (heart disease, arthritis etc etc – pretty typical for a 14 year old dog) so we don’t have to make a mad dash back to the UK before the current lot run out. So, gas, blankets, drugs for the dog = happy days.

Now we are zagging west again to drive the Vildmarksvägen, meant to be one of the most beautiful drives in Sweden. Part of the road closes in a few weeks due to snow drifts – I think we are going to be grateful for the gas and extra blankets.


PS – you may have noticed that I have worked out how to link to both previous posts and other websites. I hope you are suitably impressed.

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2 thoughts on “Happy days

  1. Aussie Dad and Jan

    Clever links! I enjoyed the historic Wales entry. The planned wilderness road looks fantastic; including the high density of bears and being third highest road in Sweden. You probably are not very impressed to know that summer skiing is possible. Pls give the junkie dog a treat from me.

  2. lvmx

    I am impressed but don’t think i really understand .
    Yes ,it is that time of year here too! Exchanged the woollen doona for 2 Quilts !Guess what ….. I have checked for bears. I am VERY impressed .

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