Rockeries and water features

Gardeners around the world, eat your heart out – nature does rockeries and water features best!

This nature reserve is one of the most popular in the region with 25,000 visitors a year. Yesterday, several carloads of people and a couple of coaches turned up. One coach was obviously a school group, but the second puzzled us – a group of about 20 people, half adults and half blond teenage girls. We couldn’t work them out. Today, as you may have noticed from RWAV, was foggy – nobody turned up for a walk. Wimps.

Staying in one place, in a forest, in bad weather does nothing to charge our leisure battery and last night we had a choice of water pump or light or heater. Naturally heater won. Since the weather is still horrid, we spent the day driving in order to have enough power for heat, light and to charge the laptop – it’s DVD night tonight (final episodes of the third season of Breaking Bad) and nothing gets in the way of that!


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4 thoughts on “Rockeries and water features

  1. Our local high school has lots of half-blond teenage girls. I thought it was because their roots were showing but maybe they are following some Swedish fashion?

  2. lvmx

    Are roots and rocks hereditary ?
    I think I’ll make a special folder when I am back East !

  3. uncle pete

    lovely rockery etc but nature can be improved, a bar nestling amongst the rocks serving hearty ales and buxom waitresses

  4. Big Little Bro

    A bar that serves buxom waitresses? I LOVE Sweden!

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