Ideas please!

We’ve had a request from StuckInWandsworth to continue our daily series once Room with a view finishes, but with a different theme (he’s very demanding).

So, any ideas? A photo taken at the same time every day, say 3pm? Lunch with a view? What do you want to see?

And please feel free to comment – don’t be intimidated by the fact that almost all our comments come from family! To borrow from Neil Diamond, hey tree people, we’re writing for you too!

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6 thoughts on “Ideas please!

  1. Aussie Dad and Jan

    G’day tree people. Nice thought by StuckIn.. My initial suggestion is inspired by Jan’s windscreen photos she used to take when we were traveling. Take plenty of windscreen shots and pick your favourite each day.

  2. Big Little Bro

    Presumably Uller the WunderHund has a short walk each day? How about a daily Canine-Canter-Cam? Or if the weather is foul and she is only out for a sniff and a poo, you could do a daily Doggy-Do-View? Not of the do, but of the view from where the she… did.

  3. Merri

    I look forward to the daily photo. I like all the ideas thus far. Maybe duskcam, what you had for dinnercam or favourite view of the daycam. Everyone’s ideas should see you through the next 6 months so off you go.

  4. Aussie Dad and Jan

    I like the canine idea. “U’s daily highlight” – a dog’s eye view of Europe.

  5. StuckinWandsworth

    I declare the Uller-themed photos the winner. Can I suggest a daily shot of her lifting her leg against something scenic – or, failing that, somewhere scenic. A challenge for the photographer? I do hope so.

  6. Aussie Dad and Jan

    We could combine comments and have “What-U-had-for-dinner-cam” with background scenery. In addition to a scenery shot, Jan and I quite enjoy following you on the street-view, map thingy so maybe you could just add a location.

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